Artisan Bakery

The Secrets Behind The Bread

The inspiration and dedication inside Nougat's Renowned Artisan Bakery

At Nougat, your bread is baked with care the old-fashioned way using lots of wholesome ingredients and quality unbleached flours such as rye, sunflower seeds, and multi-grains. The results are hand-made, European-style rustic breads which you can enjoy every day and feel good about eating.

Nougat’s exceptional bakery chefs gently shape each loaf and allow time for slow rising in our stone-deck oven. These techniques all work to create renowned flavourful and hearty breads.

Because our breads are baked fresh daily with no added chemical preservatives, they are best when eaten the same day. Our hearty thick crust breads, however, will naturally preserve keeping the bread soft and flavourful for 3 to 5 days.

Nougat is committed to making the highest quality breads and some of our famous and favourite flavours include multigrain, sourdough, sunflower rye, and sourdough no yeast.

Each type of bread is formulated and mixed in its own separate batch to ensure that the distinct character and flavour of each type remain intact. The freshness of ingredients and quality of breads have drawn customers to Nougat since its inception in 1992.

We offer wholesale prices on select baked goods for restaurant and retail owners.

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